Start Your New Year with Love: Recap of Enchanted

I am beyond thankful for the outcome of my most recent Fashion Show, Enchanted. It was truly and Enchanted experience. One that I will never forget.
The purpose of my signature handmade fabric Crowns are to bring confidence to people and their wardrobe. I come from a background where there is little opportunity for people to showcase their talents. My mission is to create a platform for models and individuals to showcase their talent, boosting their confidence as signified with my signature handmade fabric Crowns.
Enchanted took place December 2nd, 2017 from 6-10 PM at Iwi Fresh Garden Day Spa in Atlanta, GA. Our guest enjoyed fashion designs, vegan horderves, music, and cocktails in a garden setting. The fashion show began at 8:00PM. Our models graced the runway barefoot, in all-white clothing Designed by Shira "Norma Jean" Benson. This moment would change the standards of traditional fashion shows forever as the models in their most natural form strolled down the runway wi…